25 Sep


I’m not entirely sure where to begin with what is wrong with this picture – probably easier to start with what is right… and that would be absolutely nothing at all. Beard, no socks, skanky feet, whimsical look, over ear headphones on both ears, iPhone, tweed, hipster, in the fucking way with mo intention of moving – quite simply this man is the very epitome of everything that I loathe and from here on in he will be the benchmark of fuckery for one and all. I have a close up of his trotters now for your viewing pleasure – he is taking a call and is waiting for someone that is near. I can’t wait to see who or what it is..Lord above that was worth the wait – a trendy girlfriend for him and she is also below for you now along with the trotters. It’s time to post – I’m so done with this week.




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