Triple Hell

21 Sep

Signal failure this evening – surprised? – and both the 18.12 and 18.20 have been cancelled and so this 18.37 that I am now on is going to be fucking heaving by the time we reach London Bridge. The fuckery won’t be helped by arseholes all spreading out at Cannon Street because they think they can as the train won’t get busy – obviously these wankers don’t check before travelling at the impending fuckage and tonight is no exception. I was raging at around 5pm at my desk so by the time I arrived here I was ready to skip merrily down platform five the very second the train was announced and stood in the right place for the door and this evening I didn’t even have a train on platform six to line myself up with, it was all sheer talent and observations which I am most skilled in. These four seats are now filled and my immediate neighbour has spent her day licking raw garlic and so my eyes are now bleeding. Opposite are two men who are blocking each other from manspreading and that is a bonus. I love sitting next to the door and seeing the sad little faces of the fuckwits who climb aboard and expect there to be an array of seats available for them to sit on – and this is two minutes before we are due to leave. This train was late in but I think we will be leaving on time. Time to post as the garlic licking bitch is also sniffing a lot which is pissing me right off. I need distraction.


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