Six Seats

21 Sep

Monday – what the fuck? I’m on the train after a power walk to the station as the buses were all up the swanney and here she is; the bitch and her three gobby arsehole children and the four of them are taking up six seats. She is busily texting and the three little wankers are all reading the Metro… I say reading and I mean flicking about the giant pages and commenting to each other about all sorts of shit. All slumped into more than one seat each and I don’t think any of them actually have a ticket. It was so nice when they weren’t getting this carriage, why are they back again? I assume that cross words were spoken in her other home and so that is why she’s back. Those kids should be taken off her by social services so that they have a chance in life. They can’t speak properly and all sound as thick as shit. Probably doesn’t help that they are left to read the paper on their way to school which she lives her life as though they aren’t there. I need to post although keeping my hands busy typing does distract me from wanting to wrap them around four throats so that we don’t have to suffer any longer… Let’s hope tomorrow they aren’t on this carriage.


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