Rugby World Cup

18 Sep

So, place your bets now to see if Southeastern place the blame for delays over the coming weeks on the Rugby World Cup that starts today… I think it is inevitable because there has been warnings about traffic and chaos around Twickenham even though there are matches across the UK – why is Twickenham so special? Aaah yes, the rich people live there and we must look after the rich people, mustn’t we. I have two matches at the Olympic stadium next week but there has been no mention about chaos for them. Football matches go on all the time in the evening so this waffling about Twickenham (and so late in the day in comparison to the scare tactics of London 2012) is stupid. Oh well – let the games begin. It’s like Groundhog Day today – got the 96 again, train not too busy today, that bitch and her gobby kids are on again, the only difference is that I am in a nicer seat today and that silly whore that tried to push in yesterday was nowhere to be seen today. Thank fuck. Feeling tired so I was in no mood for that fuckery. I’m posting now as the gobby kids are so fucking loud today – roll on half term and a week without them. Thick little shits.


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