17 Sep

Once again, I didn’t blog last night and that was because of the rain and the fact that at just about a third of the way on my walk from work to Cannon Street and I was already soaked to the skin. To top it all off and trains were fucked to a biblical scale and so I was not a happy Bitch at all. Somehow I got straight onto a train at Cannon Street but I did have to fight through a collection of zombies all clumped together making their way to a platform where the train hadn’t even arrived yet. I got swept along and away from where I was meant to be going by them and ended up just shouting at them and of course there wasn’t a flicker as they are all so self-involved that nobody else matters. I finally made it, got to platform three for the 18.12 and by this time it was about 18.30, and after passing the absolutely rammed first carriage, I kept walking and found that the train wasn’t busy at all but all the fuckwits bundled to get onto the first set of doors for fear of missing the train. I got on, got a seat and even after we left London Bridge there were still a few sears left. It was a damp journey and by the time I made it home I could wring out my underwear (and no, I hadn’t seen Tom Hardy on my journey) so today I am in dress down clothing as my work trousers are still drying. My shoes are also pretty fucked so today I have pink trainers on. I look as sexy as hell, that’s for sure. On to this morning – bright, crisp and fuckwit peppered. I managed to get a bus which was a pleasant surprise as I did think that ship had sailed so to speak. Platform not too bad aside from that headphoned arsehole and the random kid that are now a permanent fixture – remember the little fuckwit that used to lean right over to see if the train was coming? This is like that and I believe it’s the same school too. Just as the train was arriving a random girl arrived and stood in front of those two and then when the train did stop and she realised that she was in the wrong place, she tried to then push in front of me. As you can imagine, that didn’t go down too well for her but I didn’t need to clarify my actions with words, I just blocked her from pushing in front of the lady that was there before me and then she was stopped in her tracks. She’s one of these that stands right in front of the doors so that people can’t get off – with any luck she will meet someone more militant than me very soon and be put in her box. Silly fucking slag. On the train and sitting next to a man on the phone and it’s a wonder to me that the person on the other end can hear anything as he is barely whispering. It sounds like how you hear a conversation through a wall as you can make none of it out and just hear murmuring. In front of me is a woman doused in Gucci Rush and it’s making my eyes bleed and transporting me instantly back to 2007 – classy, hey? That silly slag reading Hunger Games and pretending she is Katniss is on and has her VIB next to her as always. She is a selfish bitch for sure. Time to post as I want to enjoy the rest of my journey and the constant checking for fuckwits is making me quite mad.


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