Overly Busy

16 Sep

Again this 7.41 is too filled with people when it did look as though there was no fuckage and that the fast train ran as it should – where are they coming from? That slag with her vile kids is in my carriage again so something is going on but I don’t know what. I couldn’t be arsed to blog last night as I was in quite a bad mood after being driven mad at work – I shan’t go into detail but suffice to say that it takes a lot to put me in such a mood. I am hoping today will be better. I had to walk as the stupid buses all came in a clump again today and the board said two minutes until the 422 was due but as I couldn’t see it trundling along the road I kept on walking and was passed first by the 469 and then the 96 and so I conclude that the buses are shite. It must be Saturday tomorrow, it must be. I am sweating like a batch as I am wearing a thicker cardigan today due to being so fucking cold at work yesterday that even the blanky didn’t help warm me up. I also have a coat – this is unheard of for me as I went until the second week of December last year with only a cardigan for warmth so a coat in September means something is afoot. I think I might be getting ill but we shall see. I’m posting now as I’m already annoyed and this doesn’t bode well for the day…


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