X Factor Auditions

15 Sep

This morning, while stood getting frizzy on the platform edge in that fine rain that soaks you through, I had the misfortune of seeing the Plumstead stage of this year’s X Factor auditions and these pair of deluded bitches were destined for the reject pile. Singing along loudly to the shit music pumping into their ears, to say they sounded like a cat being strangled was a compliment. It was fucking awful and I thank God that they aren’t sitting near me now. Instead is that woman that insists on taking her three gobby little shits to school and they get off at Deptford so you know they are on the fiddle. They haven’t sat in my carriage since before the end of last year but they are today as this train seems a lot busier than usual and of course she has to make sure that all of the little arseholes albeit together with her so she can completely ignore them while she fucks about living her own life. It’s clear to see why she made the choice to breed and it has nothing to do with wanting children. Ball airer arrived at the platform this morning at about 7.40 so I think he must be just getting the 7.51 train now – thank fuck, I am so over him. It’s been so pleasurable without Posh Pikey for the last month or so and even better without that dirtbag. I have seen him once or twice but he keeps his distance. Time to post now so I can listen to my music instead of these uneducated little fucktards invading my ears.


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