Inbound Fuckage

14 Sep

They don’t bother to say why, but the train that is due to arrive at 18.27 that then becomes the 18.37 is about ten minutes delayed – great, hey? Just what you want on a cold, windy evening. Probably the wrong type of wind. It has arrived eight minutes late so we should possibly leave on time or just a bit late. I had the misfortune of having to be stuck behind the Asian Harry Potter – you remember him, with his shit glasses and greasy hair from a few weeks ago – well he was walking along texting and with one of those boots on his left leg where it is recovering from a bad sprain or small break and I’m not surprised as he probably went arse over tip while texting and injured himself. I have seen three or four people with those boot things on today – perhaps all the twats with cases ran over their feet causing the damage, aside from the Harry Potter wannabe of course. That wind today has been horrible. My hair is for rent to birds now looking for a home. It will take a lot of effort to get a brush through that when I get home. Fuckwit gobbing away on his phone further down so I’m going to post. We are just pulling out at 18.38 – miracle pulled off Southeastern. Place your bets to see how fucked up it gets en route…


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