Body Slammed

11 Sep

Apologies for no post last night but I went for an event after work and got the train home with the Princess of Plumstead so I didn’t want to just sit and type. My title refers to an incident at London Bridge yesterday, after I had managed to battle the zombie fuckwits that take forever to get down the slope off of the platform and then the problem came as I had to run the gauntlet through the scum that use Southern trains and all amble out from their plush Surrey homes from the side of the station that the Tiddler calls home. I have to do this most days as it is the only way to get to the stands to pick up a bus into the City. So the density is thick – both in number and mental agility. I am half way through and I can see a final gap to make it over and free of the twats and I go for it. I had ample room and time to make it but he didn’t want me to. He saw me, and instantly stomped forward which caused him to slam into me so hard that I ended up in the hoarding. I took a second or two to recover, turned to him, dropped the C bomb – to which his girlfriend made a noise as if she had just heard that her mother was in fact her sister – and shoved him back out of the way and carried on. He shouted after me to watch my mouth… Sorry dear, if you want to slam into someone on purpose and not even have the decency to apologise then you are more than what I called you, but you are lucky I held back. Why do that? He didn’t look the sort of person I would expect that from, as he was wearing a tweed suit, carrying a man bag and had a hipster wannabe look about him. Obviously on his way to work, and he definitely saw me and his actions were completely intentional. I do that skipping through the twats every day – some days the flow isn’t that heavy but I still manage it as my space perception is good and I am very aware of what is going on around me. I do hope he tries the same trick again with someone, on a bike perhaps or even with a bus. It is very hard to not see me as I am not a slight person by any means of the word. I know for sure he won’t remember what I look like so I’m not worried about any repercussion today when I get there. The trains never arrive at the same time as the day before anyway so it will be a fresh flow of fuckwits to content with today. They make the zombies from the Southeastern side look fast. Time to post as I have dissected the event enough now and shared my story. I doubt there will be a blog this evening but you may end up being fortuitous…


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