Earphone Wanker

10 Sep

It’s a misty and sunny start to the day and I am 100% certain that this Indian summer they have been speaking of is complete bullshit as this is well and truly an autumn morning. There are people wearing thick coats already which is laughable as it isn’t cold by any means and I am still in a top and cardi. So the title refers to a twat thar arrived at the station with a small kid in tow, and I assume he has been given the task of walking her to the station to get her to school. Why oh why do they have to wear earphones when they are not only in a social situation but also chaperoning a kid? It’s wrong and he was old enough to know better. I know the yoofy fucktards that frequent the bus and street corners do the full on conversation with the earphones in but he was a lot older than they are and it was just stupid. Plus he was leaping about trying to look cool while the kid – she can’t have been more than 9 or 10 – stood and sneered at him. Not impressing anyone mate, not even someone in the demographic that thinks Justin Bieber is cool and sexy. On the train and I fear I have made a mistake by sitting in the window seat in a block of six seats. Not only is the heating on and my leg is melting but I will be well and truly blocked in come London Bridge… Bollocks.


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