Use Your Eyes

9 Sep


Before I elaborate on the title choice this evening, I must draw your attention to the trio of twats above that were huddled together outside of Cannon Street looking like they were Essex or Bexley bound. You don’t even see women in jeans that skinny and the fact there is no socks with those fucking disgusting shoes? Enough. On to the title now and I wonder if you can guess what hollered that at me this evening, as I crossed a road at a pedestrian crossing at the same time he did… Yes, it was a two-wheeled subhuman and he came along the pavement opposite and then over the crossing where we cross and then into oncoming traffic and onto the lane opposite on London Wall. As always I questioned why he was doing it, and why he thought it was a good idea and as always abuse is hurled and today it was “use your eyes” but he seems to forget that I was using my eyes as I saw him and shouted at him. Fucking wanker he was, no lycra, but he had sunglasses on for some reason when it isn’t really bright at all this evening. Onto the train and I’m pretty sure we will leave late as the incoming was pretty slow. Saw opposite a ladyspreading bitch as you can see below – she’s just finished a Cafe Nero muffin and is nursing her cup of coffee while leafing idly through the paper. She is going to have a shock at London Bridge when she will need to uncross her legs and use a single seat and he thankful she has one. Her huge bag (hidden by the paper) will also have to move. She’s making disgusting noises as she works the poppy seeds from said muffin around her dentured gob and I have to post now and get some tunes on before I show her what I had for lunch.



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