Cancelled Fuckery

8 Sep


I saw the above news just after I opened my eyes for a second time this morning. The first time was at 5am when the vibrating alarm of the fucking arseholes upstairs woke me up before it woke them up – I wish they would hurry up and die. So an act of vandalism caused my train to be cancelled and it does make you wonder why they don’t have a spare train on standby for these occasions to avoid the impending fuckage caused by a cancelled rush hour train. I did think about getting the DLR but then I saw it was suffering from minor delays so I swallowed my fear and went for the 7.51 and thankfully I got there before anyone else. Somehow got on a 422 and whilst on it I again wondered if getting the DLR might be a good idea as that would take me right to the door of the station in Woolarge but I just hopped to Plumstead station after verbally battering some stupid school kids for standing right by the fucking doors and blocking the people wanting to get off and on with their day. I managed to fuck up standing in the right place for the doors at the platform edge but by some miracle I managed to get on quite fast and when the moronic fuckwits were all looking around for a seat, I was able to bag the very best seat on board and that is the luggage rack and here I am with my own private booth. Sadly there is one opposite and it is filled by a man I know works in IT just by looking at him and he also sounds hours playing World Of Warcraft and lives with his mother. I know I work in IT as well but I am nowhere near the stereotype unlike this vile bloke. He looks as though he hasn’t had a wash for a very long time indeed. Dirty, grubby beard, buggy fingernails and clothes that all look grey. Quite funny how many gangsta wannabes have walked past me sitting here, and shoot me a dirty look as though it’s their turf and I’m not allowed to sit here – sorry love, I was sitting in the luggage rack while your mama was still doing time in Holloway for looting in the riots. This is MY seat. I do want to post but then it means I have to look up at the vileness opposite and feeling a bit delicate already won’t be helped by having that looming at me. Fuck it, I’m posting.


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