Mid-life Crisis

7 Sep

Something about today that has brought out a different kind of two-wheeled subhuman, and these are the kind on motorbikes that are fucking loud and huge. I must have heard about ten while walking to the station this evening, all having the absolute guts revved out of them and going at speed. I can only assume they are men facing their inevitable mid-life crisis and they are choosing a “muscle” bike combined with a fringed leather jacket. Silly fuckers but then it isn’t as offensive on the eye as those utter pricks squeezed into lycra with a gut bigger than mine. The return of chuggers at Cannon Street this evening and this time they were harassing people for Guide Dogs For The Blind… The usual annoying fuckwits leaping out in front of you and then asking for money which will probably pay their wages for the day as nobody volunteering ever gets that enthusiastic about a charity. I would rather drop a tin of Pedigree Chum round to their HQ to show my support. It was a fine day back at work although I did feel quite nippy down in the basement so I will take a jumper or blanket for tomorrow. Looks like the trains are getting fucked as I’m sitting here as everything was fine but I am still sitting here on the 18.37 and it is now 18.38 even though it arrived on time. I think we are getting bumped as always for the late running 18.34 because God forbid Southeastern fuck about with the “posh” people on that line. Time to post so I can concentrate on seething.


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