27 Aug

As I was mincing along this morning – two buses missed AGAIN today – I was just faffing to get my earphones out to add a little sass to my walk and I am almost mown down by a two-wheeled subhuman speeding along the fucking pavement. I didn’t even hear him coming and there wasn’t even a headphone inside my ear at this stage, he was going so fast that he was just there. The fucking ridiculous thing was that the road was empty at this stage, and there was no traffic going towards the station as he was. Not a dicky bird, yet he crossed the traffic lights at the pedestrian crossing and then continued along the fucking pavement at speed. Fingers crossed he meets his end today at some point. Trains are fucked but this one is somehow on time. Buggy and selfish people taking up a lot of room by the doors and woman has just vacated a double seat to take her kid for a piss… We are pulling into Charlton and those seats will be snapped up very quickly. Her husband is on the opposite side of the aisle, in the aisle seat and isn’t paying attention. The seat has now been taken as predicted – ha, take that arsehole. Posting as I know how dull the blog is of late and it’s sending me to sleep.


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