Three Bus Miss

26 Aug

Again I am out of sync with the out of sync buses – as I got to the top of my road I see THREE all together at the next stop which is totally wrong. They need to start spreading out because being together isn’t right and I don’t really leave a lot later than I used to when I did get a bus. Maybe it’s the school holidays fucking it up but then when the little shits start back, it’s going to be horrible and I won’t want to get on for fear of catching stupid from them. I believe they go back next week and I have the pleasure of a week off next week which is great but then they will all be back on form when I join them the following Monday. Why don’t they just put school buses on for them so they can stay with their own kind and leave normal people alone? Train is on time today so that’s something and it isn’t raining which is great when I didn’t get a bus, but I did have a mac on just in case. Time to post now as I need some musical entertainment to get me through the rest of my time on the fuckwit express – it might be quite empty but that doesn’t make much difference in the level of fuckery.


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