Purposely Placed

25 Aug


The chump opposite was firstly sitting with his legs crossed taking up all this leg room until I got on and saw he was sitting in my seat and I did my usual of just standing and got him to move without even opening my sailor’s gob. Skills, hey? He of course is one of these who can sit with his legs agape seconds after scrunching his balls up with crossed legs and all the while his VIB has to sit waiting for attention as he holds his phone as though it was his cock and is receiving the same amount of attention as his cock does I’m sure from himself. What a wanker? Trains seem to be good today and now I’ve said that they will fuck up monumentally which is standard. His bag is now taking up the last seat in this block of four as a lady with shopping has just plonked herself down next to me. London Bridge beckons and that is the first seat people see when they get on there so poor little baggy will need to go elsewhere but it won’t be his lap as that will block the view of his cock… Oh sorry, I mean his phone. So the bag will go on the floor causing his legs to spread even more than they are now and thus manspreading will take over this whole area. Just noticed he is wearing a wedding ring – god help that poor bitch or bastard tied to that for the foreseeable future. God he couldn’t be any more gormless if he tried. I can’t wait to see how London Bridge pans out – let’s see, shall we? As we slow down, he stares whimsically out the window so as to ensure no eye contact with people so he might need to move the bag and there it is – moved and miracle of miracles the bag is on his lap, badly but on the lap and his phone is now in a non-phalic position. Christ I need to post so I can chance my eyeline away from him. The face is just like that thin-lipped Jeremy Forrest that ran off with Megan the schoolie slut to France and he drove me mad every time he was in the paper with that gormless mush. Posting before I pop.


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