And Relax

25 Aug


Thank fuck for that – just after I posted last night, I checked the papers online and saw that the lazy, overpaid tube drivers have decided to postpone their strikes for two weeks so we can all sigh and get back to normal. Of course, Southeastern will now feel the need to monumentally fuck the trains up during this period but then again they never usually need an excuse. Ticket inspectors meeting again at Plumstead this morning, as they just stand and chat and don’t do work. I already knew they were there as the bus – yay, twice in two days – passed the side gate which was closed. That exit now now being manned by a wanker texting – above. No need for him to be there, especially as he isn’t doing anything but hey, he is getting paid so it must be worth needing them all here. I think there were nine or ten this morning. Just got barged out of the way by a man who obviously thinks he is more important than me. Never seen him before and he couldn’t really tear himself away from his Samsung phone and the video that he is still watching. He didn’t wait for people to get off either before pushing me out of the way and my words were lost because of the headphones. Oh, it is Facebook that he has to browse through and he follows The Lad Bible which speaks volumes for what an absolute wanker he is. Christ I’m ready to go home again already. I was delayed last night when I got home by an additional call from the Duchess who needed to brain dump onto me which is fine, but it put me back about half an hour. Pushy is now browsing for beds on Amazon… Classy. Time to post.


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