Two Hours

24 Aug

I woke up at 5.33 and I’m already ready for a nap and I’m not even at the station yet. I managed to get the 422 down the road and that was after running across the road in front of it but thankfully the sight of me holding down my boobs as I ran was enough to ensure the driver stopped and safely delivered me to the station at 7.33 and so I have been awake for two hours. Got here before the woman that’s usually here before me and stood where I usually stand when she isn’t here and she has just arrived and is standing directly behind me for some reason – I’m getting on first today love, I beat you here for the first time in weeks. It’s meant to piss down today but thankfully it is holding off for now so I can be relatively fuzz free for the first part of my journey. I hope the rain stays away until I get to work in our new office and then I hope I have a desk ready that isn’t made for a hobbit. I saw the desks set up when I left late on Friday but chances are they have all moved since then. It’s so dreary today… I can’t be arsed to wait for the train before posting as I’m already all ranted out. Laters…


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