24 Aug

So Saturday was as hot as hell, as was Friday when I got my frizz on, and today? What the fuck? Pissing down and I have my mac on. Someone needs to have a word about that as it’s not on. Thankfully didn’t end up with a hobbit desk at work so that is good, I did however have to go and retrieve my chair and my keyboard and mouse are long gone. When moving office, having to deal with a new office is enough without having to adjust to a new keyboard and mouse and I was not a happy bunny. Also phones are now no longer a physical thing so I have to sit with a headset on which just reminds me of the hell of telesales. Motherfucker. The day went fast though and although the office is tiny, it’s home and just us now instead of having to share with door slamming radio nazis. I don’t know why I hugged him goodbye when I saw him this morning, fucking arsehole, I won’tiss him at ALL. The trains seem to be on time today and I hope they can hold it together this week even when the tubes are striking. That had better be called off or there will be a massacre. I can’t be arsed with the fuckwit bus virgins yet again – when will they learn bus queue etiquette? Bunch of wankers the lot of them. Then again they all go and get on at the stop outside of London Bridge rather than the bus terminus which is sweet for me and the other few with a brain. We left at the right time from Cannon Street and now the usual hold up trying to get onto one of three platforms at London Bridge – fucking hell and we have another 12 months of this shit. Thank fuck Monday is almost over…


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