No Bus, Broken Bag

21 Aug

Yes, you can pretty much guess what is occurring this morning from the title and I am sweating like a bitch. The ticket inspectors are at Plumstead just stood around gassing. One is checking tickets, two are out the front having a fag with a fat woman dressed like a prostitute on her way home from a night of heavy work and then three on the steps towards the platform all stood talking and shouting at each other and all of them looking like complete scruff bags. As I passed the shouty ones I commented on what a busy day they must be having and it went right over their heads as they agreed and took it as a compliment for their excellent work. I wonder if they get paid on commission for each person they catch. I doubt it actually if they are standing around doing fuck all. I need to post now so I can mop myself up as it is very muggy indeed and I pray for straight hair today.


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