Unnecessary Fuckage

19 Aug


Just had an email to say the 8.21 is cancelled and I arrive to the 7.41 being delayed with no audible reason, just the generic delay reason. It left Dartford late so it’s gone down hill from there. The fast train was on time though and sped through just after I arrived at 7.35 – walking again as there was no bus to be seen. The moronic pricks have just announced that this delay is caused by “emergency engineering works” and I know that is a load of shit as I have just said the train in front was on time. Why do they think we are as thick as shit? There is no such thing as emergency engineering work that allows services to still run without a notice from the get go – I should have received an email to say there were problems due as soon as it happened. We had to put up with that drippy slag making the insincere and scripted automated announcement four or five times during the delay – I want to meet these people and break their nose with my fist while my travelcard is clenched inside. The train is rammed because the people who get the next train are all bundled onto this and are enjoying their good fortune. I’m sitting on the lap of a man who can’t shut his legs – what a shame? God forbid he should get sweaty balls and crush his massive penis. I’m ready to kill someone and it’s not even 8am – when will this end? I am shattered after spending my evening with Benedict Cumberbatch at the theatre and fighting off his moronic fans. I rolled my eyes when it was chucking out time and there were a load of them all ready to sleep rough to try and get a ten quid ticket this morning. What gypos? Just go online and get a 30 ticket like I got and I got that less than two weeks ago. He isn’t worth sleeping rough for. He isn’t anything special. It was quite good but Ophelia kept pissing me off being played as a complete drippy bitch and then a woman that looked like Anne Widdecombe kept stomping around with a bowl cut hair style. Benedict wasn’t bad I spose, played it well, no stropping with the mentals talking video that has been splashed over the press. I did ensure I skipped past the line of desperates lining up outside to catch a glimpse of the acting otter though, and my head was held high. Time to post – I need to lay down.


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