Snot & Jesus

17 Aug

To me they are one and the same – unnecessary burdens on society – but they were both forced upon me against my will this morning causing me to rant, and all before I had even got to the station. Jesus obviously came from that dappy old bitch and her helper, who once again stopped to fumble with a leaflet and tried to give it to me and once again she was told that I tell her no every single time she thrusts one at me – fuck OFF. How can they not remember me? I have to remember them but they can’t remember me. Every single fucking time. The snot was catapulted into the road from a two-wheeled subhuman as he rode along in full Sky livery – I think he might even have been that arsehole from the other day that didn’t stop at the red light to let me cross the road. Why do you have to blow the snot from your scabby nostrils into the road? WHY? It’s fucking disgusting and completely unnecessary. The train was on time but  I am now half sitting on a seat because the fat slob to my left can’t be arsed to sit properly on his window seat as he jabs away at his naff Samsung fablet. I had to get him to shift his manbag too and he looked at me as if I had shot his step granddaughter in the street. He isn’t sitting properly so I’m feeling quite hot now so I hope that I make him overheat so he fucks off soon. He looks the type to claim he is a businessman when in fact he runs a money transfer business from the back of a butcher shop in Tooting. Classy, hey? Time to post as I can take no more. Christ as I typed that he shifted me so he could get off at Woolwich Dockyard and he has been replaced with a burbling Frenchman on his phone with delusions of grandeur. Fuck my life.


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