12 Aug

I was able to get the bus this morning along the road so yay for that. I always get too excited when I so manage to get the bus and then the reality of the bus hits me seconds after boarding and today it hit me in the nostril. It was fucking honking – wet dog, tramp and then fresh BO. Fuck knows where wet dog and tramp emanated from but the two dirty bastards with the armpits that haven’t been doused in anti-perspirant thankfully got off at the next stop. They were apparently dressed well – big businessmen obviously getting off on Plumstead Highstreet no doubt to their money transfer shop that sells shoes and haircuts on the side. Fucking vile stench that was. I was early down to the station which was great but then the train was predictably late so I was stood there waiting like a fuckwit. Always with the delay happening the stop after Dartford and it is getting ridiculous – how can that happen? The train is nice and empty though which is nice. School holidays can stay for sure. Time to post as the emptiness means bugger all to moan about.


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