Foreign Exchange Hell

12 Aug

What the fuck is the point of dragging foreign exchange students onto a rush hour train when the trains are all fucked? I am on the 18.20 and it is 18.31 and I have no idea when we are due to leave. It is rammed already and yet there are all the foreign students taking up room when they should be made to travel off peak. The seating situation isn’t helped by a man sitting opposite whose kid has its own seat and I don’t think it’s even a year old yet – stop being a selfish arsehole and put it on your lap. His buggy is already taking up space where people usually lean by the doors and now he has a seat for the kid too – if it can’t walk then put it on your lap. Great – now it’s bawling and he doesn’t know what to do. It’s 18.36 and we are still sitting here but I’m posting as I can’t be arsed to wait. Incandescent doesn’t even come close.


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