Pensive Prick

11 Aug

Finally managed to get a bus as I left two minutes earlier than has become normal. I’m there ans I have time to wait for the 422 and there is another bus right behind just in case. As I’m waiting and eyeing up the right moment to stick my arm out to stop it, and here he comes. First of all riding along normally but then sees my beauty, poise and starshine smile and gets lost in the moment and so then crosses one arm over his body and uses the other to prop his chin up – imagine Angela from My So Called Life daydreaming about Jordan Catalano, but more whimsical if that is possible. Also remember that all the while he is riding a bike and once his arms are Angela-fied, there are hands on the handlebars. As he draws level with me I simply utter that I sincerely hope he ends up having an accident for being such a fuckwit. What sort of moron does that? You are on a road with buses, cars, taxis and sometimes lorries and you think it is safe to go all emo on our ass and sit like that having a daydream on your fucking bike? Sort it out, wanker. Train was on time and drama free for once and I’m in a window seat – today will be a good day. Sitting in front of me is a girl who has become a bit of a regular face but I haven’t had a chance to observe too heavily because of conflicting seating position but she seems to be a frantic makeup applier – imagine Taz from Loony Tunes applying makeup in a whirl of powder, brushes and colour and that is what I see when she does it. Her hair also looks like she has been dragged through a hedge backwards so that supports the look even more. She is always prodding about in her bag, pulling out bits and pieces to slap on her face. I don’t think have ever seen the finished look but I think coco the clown would look normal on comparison as he takes his time. Time to post as I’m penned in now by a man with a giant phone.


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