7 Aug

This is my morning post, despite the title, you are not mistaken and in some sort of time loop problem. As I arrived at the station this morning at around 7.35 there were six men outside, sitting on a wall, all drinking white cider and beer and shouting – they were shitfaced. Dressed typically as only east European men can, in flared jeans and black shiny shoes, and with a selection of short sleeved shirts on. Thankfully they ended up heading to the southbound platform and aren’t on my train because sitting with that lot would have made me cause damage not only to them but also to myself. I couldn’t be arsed to blog last night but it went without a hitch aside from the usual delays on the trains but they weren’t horrific and the station was quite nice and empty. A few amblers at Bank asking tabbarded people which way to get to where they needed to go and it did make me laugh that the tabbarded people had writing on the back of their tabbards, saying they were “event staff” as if they were stewarding for a festival or a football match. Obviously there is no spare money for TFL to provide correctly worded tabbards or indeed to pay their overpaid drivers even more money for fiddling with a leaver in the dark as 50k and 50 days (or something ridiculous) leave a year isn’t enough. Time to post as again, I can’t be arsed. Off to the theatre this evening so there won’t be a post do don’t miss me too much…


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