6 Aug


This is the 7.41 and the trains before were all fucked up too – the news said to expect delays to trains via Dartford but the app says nothing and nothing audible or visual at Plumstead aside from the delayed arrival time. Oh christ that bitch from the other day is here again – you know, phone and shouting – and she’s dressed like Pocahontas today with tassels. It is 7.39 and the fast train is just going through and it is about five minutes late so we can expect fuckups on this line all day now. The advertised arrival time keeps going up and down for this fucking train but the blessing is that Pocahontas has now fucked off up the platform where she won’t be able to sit down. Train arrived four minutes late and I’m on board and thankfully it’s quite empty so I have high hopes for London Bridge bus station as the morons all go to the stop outside to get on anyway. I must make sure I sit near the doors and near the bell when I do get on a bus as last time they had a strike the bus didn’t stop at Old Street so I had to then battle over that ridiculously busy roundabout to get to work. It wasn’t fun. Of course there will be a heightened number of two-wheeled subhumans today with the tube strike and they think it is the best way to travel even though I probably walk further than they do every evening. People are very clueless when it comes to surface level travel and put their blind faith in the tube. It is worrying. Can’t be arsed typing any more but Pocahontas is below for your morning lols.



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