Jesus Won’t Stop The Strike

5 Aug

It’s been a while since the Plumstead Highstreet bible bashers have been walking along arm in arm handing out leaflets and receiving my abuse every single time but today they were there. Thankfully I came across them coming towards me as we had to cross a crossroads and so even though they clocked me, they had to keep going as I pretended to be involved in crossing the road. They NEVER remember that I get asked every time they see me if I want a leaflet, and they always get told where to go. At the station too, the slightly more prepared – with a leaflet display thing on wheels – jehovas witnesses with their fancy branding were laying in wait for people. The tube strike begins today and it seems to me that they think that their lawd jesus can intervene… Leaflets will help the power of the lawd stop the tube strike of course. I am glistening this morning as there were no buses to be seen again, so I walked which you may have already gathered as I have shared my story of the leaflet morons. On board the train and thankfully sitting down and opposite is the Tinie Tempah wannabe that used to get on at Plumstead but it looks like he has shacked up with some bint and they live elsewhere and were already on board. I am pretty sure it is him but seeing as these pricks all want to look so different by ending up looking the same with a giant pair of NHS glasses and tight clothing, it’s hard to tell the difference. I wouldn’t be able to pick him out in a lineup of idiots all dressed the same with those fucking awful glasses on. So we can expect hell come 6pm or at least that’s what the press want you to believe – I walk in the evening anyway so I’m not worried. The sheep will all leave work at around three so they don’t get caught in the melee but will I’m fact be caught in the melee as they will all leave at three. Millions of people share one brain, and a tiddler at that. Time to post so I can get the ipod on.


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