Space Invader

4 Aug

Rant alert – as if I do anything else, hey? So this evening I’m walking at my usual fast pace and I passed this bloke ambling who was looking down, not at his phone from what I could see, but obviously pre-occupied and once past him all is well. That is until he finishes what he was doing and steps his pace up and notch and all of a sudden he is walking close to my left and so close that as I walk my arm keeps hitting him but he keeps pushing as we are now bottlenecking and I’m trying to pass someone else who is ambling on my right. So he keeps on and on trying to squeeze through and I’m not walking slowly and I’m completely aware he is there, so much so that I stop dead, turn around and say “why don’t you just walk past me?” and the faux stunned look on his face was a picture. He was typical old school city boy – like that man that gritted his teeth and hissed MOVE at me that time. This was a summer old school city boy though with a checked shirt on and chinos. How fucking dare he invade my space like that and then behave as if it was completely normal? He asked what I was on about and I told him he was virtually inside me and to back off or go past and then I was off on my way. Christing hell the trains are delayed AGAIN and to top off this journey the strap broke on my bag right in front of a man who was rushing for his train and he was held up for a second and so tutted and felt my full space-invaded-bag-broken-train-delayed wrath and fuck me it was good but missed as he soon minced off. The 18.37 arrived at about 18.35 and there was no reason given. There are problems at Strood station but that isn’t somewhere that these trains go as they just loop to Cannon Street via Woolwich and via Lee on the other side. Fuck me they need some feasible excuses as they just look like complete fuckwits. I need to post and get some happy tunes into my ears as I am done. Until tube strike Wednesday tomorrow – joy, hey? It will only get worse.


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