Mistake Monday

3 Aug


I have just arrived at the station and I’m already cued up to kill someone. No buses when I got to the end of the road but the 469 was pulling in when I got to the stop in between the first stop and the train. As always it is brimming with thickos who all stand right next to the door and won’t go any further so initially I was stuck in the bottle neck but I pushed through to the other side of the door much to the tuts and huffs for the fuckwits all blocking the aisle. I knew as soon as I slowed to a stop to get on to that bus it was a mistake and next time I will listen to the voice e inside my head telling me to keep walking to avoid the fuckery. So you think that reaching the station will mean no more fuckwits when you already seem to have encountered them all on the bus – I was so wrong. Get onto the platform, have to tell a fuckwit that smoking was banned on the platform in 2007 and he just stared at me, open mouthed like a goldfish. He ended up just shuffling down the platform with his equally moronic mate. The train was delayed which is no surprise – see above. The pain got worse on the platform when a dopey bitch with her earphones in both ears began a phone conversation but as they are just earphones, she has the handset pressed up against her face so the other person can hear her dulcet tones. Fuck me she needs to shut up because it’s carried on now onto the train. Obviously a male as she keep talking like a baby and it’s fucking annoying as she is so loud. Nobody gives a fuck about what your hot chocolate is like, or that you love getting the train or that you will have a lovely tube strike this week – shut the fuck up love. Christing hell now she’s giggling like a choking toddler and I thought those days were over When Amy Childs wannabe stopped getting the train. I do have my ipod in but only the left as I’m in the aisle seat and I never put the inside earphone in for fear of missing being asked to move to let someone out. In comparison to the gobby Amy Childs wannabe wannabe, there is another woman behind on her phone and I can barely hear her – she is barely audible. Take note, crackwhore, that’s the way to do it. Time to post.


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