3 Aug

I saw something stupid on the train this morning but it took me a good hour to realise. The man I sat next to this morning on the train was guzzling back a can of attention seeking Red Bull when I joined him, eagerly sipping and reading the paper and checking his phone. The fuckery arrives when he finishes his can, folds up his paper ans shoves it down the gap between his thigh and the window area – this is where fuckwits think the bin is – and then he went to sleep. Am I missing something here? Surely Red Bull is meant to give you wings as it is a stimulant but he seemed to have been given a sleep mask and nodded off after drinking it. What a waste of £1.50? Saying that I read in the Daily Mail – everything they publish is 100% true by the way – about a jobless obese woman who drinks seven litres of Red Bull every day. How the fuck can she and by she I mean me (or you) afford to drink seven litres of that stuff, and it is the original not a supermarket own brand, every single day? Looks like we have another tube strike to endure this week which will be lovely of course. Might not be as bad as the last one as its school holidays so it will keep the little brats away from day trips into London and their parents will be off to look after them anyway. Time to post as I can’t be arsed to type any more. Laters.


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