31 Jul


I knew they were here today but thankfully I missed the worse of it and just saw their squashed corpses on the pavements… No, not the illegals trying to come and get free money via the Channel Tunnel but the queen ants that have been out today. The streets are quieter than normal for a Friday and even the pubs were quite empty – where is everyone? It’s payday, it’s Friday and it’s sunny-ish so fuck knows what’s going on. The pair of sexy bastards above are sitting on the steps outside Cannon Street and causing a blockage with their fat asses and multitude of bags, fags ans hard hats. Builders, like cyclists, have nothing to protect inside their heads, so I don’t know why they bother with the hard hats as it is a wasted part of their safety kit. Also, you so very rarely see any builders actually inside a building site as they prefer to stand outside with a fag in one hand, their phone or balls in the other and avoiding work at all costs. I saw a genuine street walker while I was coming through Bank earlier on. She was even stood on a corner no doubt waiting for business. She was wearing a fishnet body stocking with a PVC corset and pencil skirt over the top combined with the hooker shoes. I would have stopped to get a picture but I’m afraid she may have tried to charge me and so onwards to Cannon Street it was for me. The 18.37 has arrived moments before it is due to leave again and the delay was caused yet again by London Bridge fuckery – and we still have a whole year left of that and then from August 2016 there are no trains to Cannon I believe. Great, hey? I will leave you with the front of the Standard this evening and of course I made an audible protest of “are you fucking having a laugh?” when I saw it, to an empty carriage. Why ban HGVs when that isn’t addressing the problem of the fact that most cyclists don’t have a fucking clue what they are doing but still carry on as if they are the world’s expert in cycling? On that note, we are moving and it’s time to post.



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