Spoiled Fun

30 Jul

As I skipped merrily out of work with Raphael after a very slow day indeed, he slowed to a snail’s pace in order to perv over two women coming towards us dressed in their German beer bar waitress outfits which is akin to just dressing like a street walker. He was unnecessarily excited by this sight and reveled in glee when the wind blew and caught the hem of the blonde one’s tiny red pussy pelmet. Soon they were in front of us as and where her bag was over her shoulder, her skirt kept riding up and up and there it was – she was showing off the hole in the ass area of her cheap black tights and Raphael was gushing. His excitement was scuppered however when a woman went up to the attention loving waitresses and told her that she was flashing her ass to the whole of Broadgate Circle – and she managed to fake mortified quite well with giggling and mouth covering. Needless to say you could see that she did in fact love giving the male sleaze bags – Raphael included – a flash of her ass. Aside from that the trip was quite uneventful and the train pulled out a minute early again – thankfully I am on it and on my way home. Until the morning my dahlings.


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