29 Jul

I popped into Boots in order to get something for my eyes. Where the hayfever has been making them water all the time, the outside edges have become really sore so I wanted some eye bath and also some spray or something to put on to assist this irritation. I locate the eyecare section in Boots and it is located right next to the KY Jelly section (and other brands are available as well of course) and I did have to wonder why. I would expect the reproductive assistance – or not as condoms are also there – section to be next to sanitary protection and eyecare to be in the area nearer to the first aid and possibly nearer to ears and face assistance. Weird, hey? Trains seem to be working this evening even though I’m not in my normal seat as I arrived later than usual after my dabbling in the lubricant in Boots. The 18.37 left a minute early but now we are being held outside of London Bridge so we have evened it out again. To my left is a woman who looks as though she has been creasoted with mahogany and buffed to a high shine – in short, like a polished Oompa Lumpa or a shiny Wotsit. She looks as though she will be getting off at Abbey Wood, don’t ask me how, she just looks that type. She had a VIB that looks faux expensive, has on faux designer sunglasses and is reeking of perfume I imagine someone like Gemma Collins bathes in. Sexy, hey? I am going to post now as I want to listen to my own music rather than the terracotta one next to me. Plus someone marginally attractive is nearby and I must now attempt to eye flirt.


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