Broken Legs

29 Jul



Here he is again, the laziest arsehole in Plumstead who cannot possibly put trotter to pavement for more than a second and insists on riding his bike everywhere including pavements, pedestrian crossings and up and down the train platform – why? I can only imagine that he is getting some sexual gratification from where the saddle nestles between his arse cheeks otherwise there is no reason. He is a nasty piece of work and will continue to do what he does until the day he ends up dead because of his stupidity. I don’t think it will be far off now. I managed to get a bus this morning so yay for me. Arrived at the station after some random couple – he had a man-bun so no respect there – but they were stood really far back from the edge and so I assumed the usual position. The woman I usually arrive after ended up behind me as she got there after me today. The couple just pushed right to the front when the train did arrive the female even barged through while people were getting off so they could sit near each other. Since planting their asses opposite each other they have barely spoken so that was a waste of time. That fat slumbering slob that spreads right out is sitting a few rows in front but he is facing me so I have the misfortune of having to look at his fat face while he sleeps. He sits up very high in the seat but still manages to take up most of the seat next to him and all of the leg room in front so whoever sits opposite him is fucked and has to sit with their legs at an angle. It’s funny though as he keeps opening his eyes so he isn’t actually asleep I don’t think, but just pretends to be so he doesn’t have to move or give up any of what he thinks is his space. Bloke burbling away in foreign on his phone in front and driving everyone mad – I think even the fat boy is getting vexed by it. Oh well, the ipod is in and I’m posting now.


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