Busy Diary

28 Jul

I had to laugh outloud listening to a yoot on his phone trying to sound professional and then saying “yes my diary has been very busy…” and just picturing said yoot sitting at home while his diary is out partying every night and enjoying itself. Why say your diary has been busy when it is in fact you that has been busy, filling your diary? God help the future. There is some sort of train fuckage this evening but nothing specifically in the area I am using – as always Southeastern have a small issue somewhere random that snowballs as they have no idea what they are doing, rather like a foreign call centre worker that goes off script. Dominos just arrived to deliver inside Cannon Street station and I can only imagine that it is because there is someone in there who is VERY delayed. The 18.37 has just arrived at 18.36 and so I can expect to be delayed which isn’t a surprise because I saw how many people were on the concourse when I ventured into the station. Every single day there is this fucking cock up – today’s issue was between Chatham and Faversham which somehow has fucked up the entire Southeastern network and is fucking miles away from here. I should thanky lucky stars that it isn’t the fourth derailment in just about a week I suppose. I bet the ticket inspectors are at Plumstead as well just to rub salt into the wounds and insult everyone with a ticket by ensuring they have indeed paid for this shit for today. Christ I need a holiday.


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