Normal Service Resumes

27 Jul


It feels like forever since I last posted and I suppose it was – Friday morning and now it’s Monday evening. I had this morning booked off work in order to go to St Pauls to take some photos as today was the first of three days over the summer where you are allowed to take pictures and I took full advantage. Back to the normal fuckwittery now though and today is certainly a day of the ambling wankers on their phones because they can never wait until they are on the form of public transport they choose to use to reply to their correspondence of the day. Make a note of the arrival time of the 18.27 as this like never happens – a train arriving EARLY. I also just heard a cracker on the audible announcement while mincing along to get the 18.37 and it went “this train is made up of platform seven” and I can only imagine how big the train is being made up of an entire platform. They like to just play these announcements overlapping which sometimes leads to such fuckery as a train being made up of platform seven. Give me strength. This morning I got on a train at about 10.30am and it was lovely and empty and then the gypos came out with their slips of paper begging for money. Vile, stinking women and as soon as she put the paper down on the empty seat next to me I just said “NO NO NO TAKE THAT SHIT AWAY BECAUSE NOBODY IS INTERESTED” and so she took it and scuttled off to the next moron. I wrote to complain about these fuckers near on ten years ago and they are as rife today as they were then only now they ask with bits of paper and not from their toothless potato heads. If you want to ask people for money at least have the decency to open your trap and string a sentence together instead of the bits of paper. Alternatively, fuck off back to your home nation and ask the people there for spare cash as the bank of England is firmly shut. Woman on the train has almost lost both her lungs in a huge coughing fit. She has pebbledashed the back of the seat in front with globules of snot and phlegm and she has almost vomited with the sheer power of the coughing. It’s vile. Those annoying women are nearby again, one with the whiney northern accent. It’s time for ipod and to stare out the window and to countdown to the weekend. Hurry the fuck up.


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