Inspire A Generation

24 Jul

Today is the start of the London Anniversary Games and I am more than ready for it and the fact that I will be seeing Usain Bolt (although apparently with an injury now) this evening, I ran to get the bus and it actually waited for me to do so. As always, I had to hold one hand over my bosom to stop from getting black eyes while I ran and I think most people find that rather amusing but it is necessary as I don’t wear a sports bra aka scaffolding on a daily basis and turning two boobs into four or sometimes six is very easily done. The bus got a big thank you though for waiting and I was pleased that it wasn’t too filled with morons. At the station now and it looks like the trains are on time for now… We shall see. Yes, that arrived on time and we had to stand back while two little schoolie scummers got off after leaving what looks like crushed up and stamped on biscuits on the train floor. Woman nearby doing her makeup and she looks like a complete fuckwit layering on the mascara and batting her eyelids onto the brush over and over again, eventually being satisfied with the spider legs that now dangle from her eyelids. Time to post as I have an additional bag today and I need to ensure I’m tucked in properly so not to obscure the aisle. Probably won’t be posting later as I will be far too excited at the prospect of seeing some of my favorites this weekend, starting this evening.


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