Fag Breath

23 Jul

I was able to get the 469 this morning and found myself having to stand next to the door again because of people who are too dense to stand away from the door even if they aren’t getting off immediately. This bloke had long, lank hair and was whispering away on his phone but as I was stood so close all I could smell was the vile stench of stale fags emanating from his mouth and clinging to his clothes. I was pleased to get off that bus, let me tell you. Two newbies appeared from the seating area to stand next to me just now at the platform edge – they think they will be getting on first and they are wrong because if you aren’t standing in the right place then you can eff off. They have that faux London accent that sounds like a mix of anything that they have watched on Netflix last night and therefore sounding like complete fuckwits. We have just had to have the door held open for a lazy bitch who couldn’t be arsed to get out of bed ten minutes earlier to make sure she made the train… and then we had to hear her screeches of delight when she made it onto the train. Fuck off, love, you are better off at home. You can tell the trains aren’t fucked this morning (yet) because it isn’t very busy at all. Seats are available in abundance even with the presence of VIBs. That screeching fucking arsehole just got off at Woolwich Arsenal and so I conclude that she should just get the bus as its cheaper than one stop on the train but of course you know as well as I do that she didn’t have a ticket. With the warmer weather comes the attention seeking Red Bull drinkers and I have one nearby this morning who made sure she opened the can with maximum noise just before we got to Woolwich Arsenal. It makes me laugh how people are so dependant on caffeine – if I have a coffee I want a warm drink and it has nothing to do with needing to wake up. When I have a Red Bull it’s because I like how it tastes and not because I need waking up. The drama people make about getting their coffee in the morning and then needing to carry it in one hand while they scroll through their phone with the other is beyond me. Just wait til you get to work if it’s that important and have one for free. Ugh time to post as I’m annoying myself now.


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