Princess Sneery

22 Jul

I walked one stop as there were no buses to be seen but then got onto the 469 at the stop between mine and the station as it was coming along and I couldn’t be arsed. It’s a single decker bus and as always, all the fucking dregs of hell stand right next to the doors and don’t bother to fill the empty seats towards the back or go past where the doors are. I am getting off at the next stop so I can happily stand by the doors as I know I won’t be in anyone’s way. Where you can normally fit two people each side of the door, facing outwards, there was a woman on each side facing each other and right in the way of the doors. Obviously I just planted myself in between the two, facing outwards and if looks could kill then I would be a gonner. The snooty, sneery looking bitch that was stood on my right might had well have opened her trap and asked what my problem was as that thought was written all over her vile face – lap it up bitch, this is a bus and not your personal chauffeur driven limousine. Reality check because people will stand right next to you even if that means they will be forced in inhale the stench that is emanating from your scabby armpits at 7.30am – why do they never wash yet have such a fucking attitude? Onto the train and it is delayed by three minutes without a reason given. The usual flow of foreign language students has begun for this year and there are five of them sitting nearby on the train with their uniform backpacks and loud gobs. They always seem to house these people in Plumstead and I don’t know why – then again, it must be dirt cheap in comparison to accommodation in more desirable areas of London and you just have to take your chance and hope you won’t be stabbed or lured into a life of crystal meth and prostitution on the platform edge while awaiting a train. I can be thankful that the carriages are all functioning this morning though after the door drama of yesterday. As long as the trains aren’t fucked up by another arsehole walking along the tracks this evening then I shall be happy. Oh, and as long as nobody falls ill or drops dead – that also can’t happen. It is time to post now as I have a fidgety bitch to my left who is sitting on the very edge of her seat and it means I can’t relax as I think she is needing me to move so she can get out to get off the train – saying that you know she has no intention of getting off until Cannon Street but she just wants to be an annoying arsehole until then. The slag.


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