Big, Small and Badly Dressed

22 Jul


The trains are marginally fucked this evening without any reason given but at least the 18.37 is here before it is due to leave so that is something. Not much, but something. It has been an eventful day in terms of observations today and we have had a running theme which is fashion or lack thereof. Earlier today I spied the woman above who is one of these women with thigh gap and one who loves showing it off in clothing that just look awful. Too big and that just makes it look like a thigh chasm rather than just a gap. Her legs were like a pair of cocktail sticks shoved up inside of a hot air balloon – buy yourself a mirror and stop looking as though you need to eat pies. From that extreme, we went the other way and I wasn’t able to take a picture even though she was moving slowly and that is because my camera doesn’t have a wide enough lens to capture all of it but she was huge. Poured herself out of a taxi at Cannon Street and waddled slowly with a stick to go and get the lift up three steps into the station. She was so huge that she had a shelf where her ass met the bottom of her back and she could have sat a toddler quite easily on there. While she was passing another skinny minnie in a lovely dress for summer and then as I glanced down to check out her shoes I saw that she had on a pair of tights which had their toes intact still and then open toed sandles. Why oh why isn’t she in toeless tights because there is such a thing. Such a nice outfit and then that killed it as you can see below. Aside from that just the usual “fuck off” from a courier on a bike who didn’t bother to stop at a red light while people were crossing and of course the general fuckwittery of the phone zombies. Train somehow left at 18.37 but we are now being held at London Bridge for every other train ever to go before we can. Maybe Southeastern are trying to surpass their EIGHT hour delays last night when someone was on the line. Let’s see, shall we?



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