From Purgatory

21 Jul


This is the over dramatic view that greeted me at Cannon Street this evening and once again the issue only kicked off just as I was leaving work – some fucker trespassing on the lines again but then that fucker probably got to their destination before they would if they were to rely on a Southeastern train. Fuck me, it is awful. So I scampered down into the depths of hell aka Bank and I have just resurfaced on a DLR. There is a very sweaty feeling on the train and I am getting whiffs of sweaty pits and fannies – it is disgusting even with the windows open. The walk down into Bank was as always a fucking obstacle course where yours truly was forced to weave and slalom in and out of fuckwits texting. Then we have the screaming kid in a buggy who was somehow given priority to board the overly packed DLR – what is that all about? Remove child, fold buggy, sit kid on lap. It’s a different age now and people couldn’t give a flying fuck about anyone else. Speaking of which, I sincerely hope that everyone else aboard this DLR has a monumentally vile evening as they are forcing me to inhale their stench. It fucking reeks. The ipod was in even before the doors were closed to drown out Chukkie in its buggy – why take a kid on a rush hour tube in summer? Fuck off and get a cab love. I’m going to post after I share some more screenshots from the melee that is Southeastern this evening – tune in tomorrow for the next thrilling installment of fuckery and fuckwittery and perhaps some more sweaty fannies.





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