20 Jul

Doing nothing all weekend wasn’t a good idea really because today it feels like the next day and that there wasn’t a weekend at all – what’s that all about? School holidays have begun but the buses were all up the swanny and three came along at once just before I got there. Typical. Walked to the next stop and got on one there so I looked like the laziest bitch ever but I’m not bothered as I do feel quite rough. On board now and without a Posh Pikey in sight which is a plus to this journey, but the man on the other side of the aisle is getting in my way. Sat with his legs wide open, which means that one rather porky leg is almost on the other side of the aisle with me and he has no intention of moving to let people get past even though he is the problem, not me. I am sticking out slightly so I don’t have to stick to the woman to my left. Oh hoorah, the fat bastard has got off already at Woolwich Arsenal and so we can relax again. I’m going to post now as I have a bit of a headache, and I want to listen to some music to dull the pain of Monday – at least this time next week I should be still asleep.


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