Platform 2

17 Jul


Second time this week that the entirety of Plumstead station has been forced to listen to this fucker’s music and he is on platform two while me and everyone else on platform one and two have to listen to what sounds like a soundclip on a loop from a factory – it’s fucking horrific. His train is coming now and I doubt he will turn it off. There is no need to play music outloud anywhere in public, especially when you choose to listen to something like that. Christ now I’m on the train and there is another sitting on the opposite side of the aisle but he has earphones in, except they are the cheap ones so all the sound leaks out. Thank fuck it’s the school holidays from today – I can’t take this a moment longer than I have to. Had to move an aisle hogging bat with a VIB and an attention seeking cup of coffee in her hand. As always, her reaction to being asked to move as as if I had come into her house and shit on her rug – no dear, just asked if I could sit down. She moved over to the window seat too which is of course where I was aiming for – why not just sit there in the first place? I don’t give a shit if you are getting off at Charlton because despite what you think, I can get up and let you out. This aisle seat is actually better as I get blasts of cool air when we stop at stations which will help the now daily glistening top lip – when will this all end? I think that today is Posh Pikey’s last day and I didn’t have to see him today which is a shame as I would have loved to see one last ridiculously over the top Friday outfit from him. Oh well, RIP along with Amy Childs wannabe, the Tweedles, Kevin and Perry and all the other people who have fallen by the wayside. You watch now, he will be on the train on Monday and I will be incandescent with rage. I’m going to post now as I must be on standby for Princess coffee cup to ask me to move to let her out. Actually she looks the type to just stand up and expect me to move. Charlton coming and she’s faffing with her baggage… Let’s see if she is getting off here shall we? Nope, not Charlton so I am guessing before Greenwich. Either way, she’s an arsehole.


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