15 Jul

I have a repetitive bitching injury which is why there is no blog from last night. I started to write it, but the back of my right hand kept twinging and it was very sore and is still a bit sore this morning so I will keep this short and to the point. The twilight zone of Slade Green has claimed another train and the 7.41 is advertised as being due at 7.44 but that is a matter of opinion. I want to know what happens there to make these trains that left on time suddenly be late. Audio announcement just said four minute delay and the platform board says we can expect it seven minutes late… Make your fucking mind up. To add insult to injury, the moronic ticket inspectors are at Plumstead yet again and are stood just inside the door gobbing on as usual – do they ever do any fucking work? It is more than insulting that they have the cheek to ask to see if we have paid when we are waiting for a delayed train and they would rather stand around and do fuck all instead of catching people without a ticket. Time to post as I’m more than incandescent with rage and I just want to get on the train now.


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