14 Jul

I’m back and it feels like I wasn’t away at all – same old shit today but at least I think this week is Posh Pikey’s last week of commuting the way he goes at the moment. He arrived with a minute to spare again and tried to push in front. I won’t miss that big-headed wanker at ALL when he leaves and goes part time in the other direction. I quite enjoyed my First Great Western journies over the last few days as they were fine – on time ans did what they said on the tin. Also cheap in comparison to this shit. I am sweating like a bitch but I’m unsure why – I don’t know if it’s just muggy today or if I’m actually getting ill as I think I might be as I have a cough, dry throat and a funny nose. My face is literally drenched in sweat at the moment and I know I had to walk to get the train as no bus was in sight, but that can’t be it. I’m going to post as I’m jammed in by a window and I want a drink and some music to pass the time… This journey isn’t nice at all.


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