10 Jul

I’m early at the station, and I’ve just seen a bloke take one bag but leave his massive backpack next to the seat he was sitting at while he went back up into the ticket office and this week is probably worse than any other to choose to do that – what a fucking arsehole? He was on the phone, talking about what time he should get to wherever it was he needs to get to – paradise with his 99 virgins maybe? – and he was off. Ticket inspectors are standing around gobbing off again today; four inside in a circle nowhere near the doors chatting away and then two more outside just passed the Oyster readers before you go down the steps. What a waste of time and our money – get fucking barriers at Plumstead NOW. On the train that would be nice and quiet aside from the buggy blocking the aisle and the kid in the buggy seems to have a shitty ass that fucking stinks. It really reeks and it’s in the aisle while the mother entertains another kid on the other side occupying a seat by itself. God the stench of shit is overwhelming now. Fuck me – the kid in the buggy has an iPhone all of it’s own and headphones plugged in that look like faux Dre headphones. Remind me what world we live in because I can’t see that as normal behavior. You can give your kid a fucking iPhone to play with but you can’t change its shitty nappy? Give me strength. It’s Friday, thank fuck, and I am off on Monday as well so yay for me. I’m going to post so I can turn my nostrils away from shitty pants nearby and try to stop them from burning… Wish me luck.


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