8 Jul


On the 18.37 that appears to be on time today and sitting in front of a man. Not sure if he is on the phone or talking to himself but he sounds like a Walkman (showing my age) where the batteries are going flat, and the tape is slipping and going around more slowly. A voice like he is melting and is it more than annoying. OK caught a glimpse of his reflection in the window and he is talking to himself while leafing through a massive paper. Talking to yourself is fine when you are making a point, but having a seemingly schizophrenic conversation between two or more of your personalities isnt necessary when you are on a commuter train and people are already talking a huge amount of shit. OK now he is full on ticking and ranting like someone with Tourettes without the swearing so maybe that is it? Fuck knows – my ipod is on and we are moving at the right time. The picture above is what has been parked in our lobby at work all day – why even admit to owning that, let alone take it out in public? Why they think it’s safer indoors is beyond me too, don’t they know I work in the building? The worrying and deluded mentality of a two-wheeled sub human, hey? Time to post as I need to up the volume to drown out Fruity McNutcase behind.


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