10 Years On

7 Jul

Ten years ago I would have been on the 7.10ish train to get to work for 8am, in Waterloo station. It was another morning. 8am came, the shop was rammed as always with people doing their phone related stuff before they had to be at work. A lady I was serving had a call on her mobile at just before 8.50am and on that call she heard a bang… Neither of us thought anything of it at the time, and it wasn’t until a little while later that we saw station staff closing access to the tube and then we heard it was a power surge. We all know what news filtered out after that, and how it wasn’t only tubes that were hit, it was a bus as well. It feels like it was yesterday and I can’t believe it has been ten years since that day. So I’m sitting on the train, and after A Song For Jenny shown on Sunday night, if Emily Watson does get on – who played the lead in the programme – I will be weeping… Thankfully I can’t see her so I can hold it together. Train is full of unfamiliar faces today and also seems a bit busier than usual, despite the fast train running on time. It makes me wonder how people did pull together on those tubes and buses after the bombs went off, judging by the faces on people here and every day who I believe would be out for themselves. Hopefully I won’t ever need to know. Think of them today.


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