Muted Not Melted….

3 Jul

It all started when I shared my thoughts on someone who died on the train a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t care then, I don’t care now – they died, it fucked the trains up and we move on. Apparently, I am the only person on earth not to give a flying fuck when someone I don’t know, nor give a shit about, suddenly falls ill and drops dead on a Southeastern rush hour train – well excuse me for being so honest and realistic. My honest thoughts were – as always – shared on Twitter, and some Millwall neanderthals latched on and started trolling me. There were about ten of them in all, making comments about how they wanted to piss on me, shit on me and then spit on my face at Plumstead station when I wait for the 7.41 in the morning – they were able to oh-so cleverly find this information by coming here…. SO intelligent, aren’t they? They thought it hilarious to do what they were doing – I got bored of it all eventually, put my tweets on private, turned the blog to private and took the Facebook page offline. I couldn’t be arsed with all the notifications that came through, and the threats from people barely indistinguishable from an amoeba in terms of mental agility. Millwall fans are quite literally the scum of the earth and these were no exception. As soon as my tweets were privatised, they requested to follow me but seeing as they are as thick as shit, and I could see as soon as they requested that they had Millwall in common, they were immediately blocked and reported. I can’t be fucking arsed with your shit. Telling me what I do is wrong, that it is disgusting to post pictures of people online just living their lives getting to work…. well, of course you are going to say that when the most stressful thing you need to do in your day to day life is watch Jeremy Kyle and sign on. Fucking scum – fuck off and die. That shit eventually died down, tweets were public again but that same day I shared my thoughts about that woman cyclist that was killed at Bank, and how I said to the wankers mooning over the floral tributes that they could very well be next – and cue the militant cyclist scum who don’t like being told that they are a bunch of absolute arseholes and so one retweeted me, and then all his moronic, lycra-clad mates jumped on and started their shit. Once again, they got blocked and reported because once again, why the fuck should I apologise for having an OPINION? You don’t agree with me, I couldn’t give a flying fuck – I DID NOTHING WRONG. Tell me, why should I care about someone that I don’t know and have had no involvement with at all? I make no secret of hating cyclists, just like they make no secret of hating motorists, but apparently they can voice their thoughts of motorist hate, but us pedestrians who are put in danger by them every single day, can’t voice ours? They have blocked Bank twice in the days since that woman was squashed – why? Bleating on about road safety but what they don’t seem to realise is that they are the problem – not the motorists. You can see when a bus creeps up in your blind spot, but one of those pricks, speeding along desperately trying to make a three inch gap between a lamp post and a tipper truck and that is apparently the fault of the driver and not them – fuck off, loves, you are as deluded as Amanda Knox. I am sick of people telling me I am wrong when I know I am not. If you have a problem with my opinion of cyclists – and chances are you are one – then speak up, get in touch and I will happily walk to Cannon Street with you along my normal route so that you can witness yourself the utter stupidity and selfishness of 99% of two-wheeled arseholes for yourself from MY point of view. Stop going for the sympathy vote because you aren’t at the bottom of the “food chain” – pedestrians are and we don’t give a shit about you. Now, blog is back online and normal service will resume from next week. I just needed to ensure that I let my loyal visitors know what has been going on.


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